Indiana lifetime handgun license repeal?

Indiana lifetime handgun license, preemption, (you remember, the one from 2001 that prohibits local government from restricting where you can have your gun), guns on school parking lots, buying guns beyond contiguous states, being allowed to have loaded guns on off road vehicles, Castle Doctrine, can all these pro gun laws in Indiana be repealed?  You betcha, buckaroos.  And I’ll tell you how it will happen.
    There is this fellow named Willie Won’t and he expects his state legislator to always promote and protect his gun rights.  As long as that continues then Willie Won’t do anything.  I mean what could possibly happen as long as that legislator keeps voting pro gun?
    What about when the legislator votes pro life?  Maybe that legislator thinks protecting the life of the unborn is important, too.  Well now that’s when the folks who don’t like a pro life vote go into action to replace that pro life, pro gun legislator.  But Willie Won’t do anything.
    Then you have that pro gun legislator who votes to remove Common Core from Indiana because they think it would be better for the citizens of Indiana to decide what’s better for Indiana schools instead of the Federals.  That’s when those who didn’t like that vote for state sovereignty to  jump into action to run someone against the pro life, pro states rights, pro gun legislator.  Anyone seen Willie?
    Maybe the pro gun legislator voted to protect the institution of marriage and some people didn’t like that.  So they rally up their forces to go to the polls and vote that pro marriage, pro states rights, pro life and pro gun miserable legislator out of office.
    Now I’ll tell you where Willie Won’t is.  He’s sitting on his wallet at home watching TV.  He’s making sure that $ 20.00 dollars in his wallet is safe because he’s going to use it to buy some 22 rimfire ammo when he can find it.
    Maybe he’ll need it for a ticket if he goes to some gun club banquet.  Willie is much too busy to contact his pro gun legislator to say thanks, much less see if he can lend a hand to keep that pro gun legislator on the front lines.
    So when enough pro gun legislators are replaced by ones who are more than willing to vote to repeal all those pro gun laws that was hard fought to get, some may ask how could it have happened, but we know Willie Won’t.
    Between the media and colleges, they’re building some impressive numbers of people who will develop changing ideas, and those ideas will drive them to the polls.
Don’t forget the 2nd Amendment Patriots meeting Saturday, March 29th at 6 PM. Marvin Kemper, our guest speaker, will have several examples of the long rifles he builds, including the one he made for the NRA convention in Indianapolis.
 The announcement below is about the event for Sen. John Waterman.
Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

You are invited to a

2nd Amendment Rally

In support of

Sen. John Waterman

Please invite your family, friends and neighbors! We NEED to support John because he HAS supported us and our 2nd Amendment Rights. He is under attack by Indianapolis Special Interests who do not share our views on this important issue!!!!

John is endorsed by:

  • NRA with an A+ rating
  • Gun Owners of America
  • 2nd Amendment Patriots
  • Hoosier Gun Owners PAC

Wednesday, April 9 at the Greene County Fairgrounds

4503 W. St. Rd. 54, Bloomfield IN 47424

Media Availability: 3 p.m. EDT Reception immediately following with refreshments

Talk to John and find out how you can help him win on May 6!


2nd Amendment Patriots Founder and Dist. 49 State Sen. Jim Tomes Bill Dowden of the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association And representatives from other key 2nd Amendment groups

RSVP to Mike Cross at 812-512-1127 or

Paid for and authorized by The Committee to Elect John Waterman State Senate



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