In the last few days of the Indiana General Assembly I was in one of the final conference committees.  This one was concerning school safety; it was one of the bills we have to go back in special session in May for because it did not get voted on.  During the committee the terms, “school safety and keeping kids safe in school”, became a steady drone during the discussion.
At some point a notion came to mind and afterwards when I returned to my office I asked my staff, two very fine young men in their twenties, both shooters, to come to my office because I had something I wanted to say to them.
When they sat down I began by saying that given their young age that sometime soon in their lifetime the question will be posed, “What is more important, the safety of kids in school or what some people think is their Second Amendment or their so called right to own guns.”  I then said that those who will be in positions to answer that question will be the generations that are coming of age.  I asked them what they think the answer to that question will be.  The three of us discussed the issue for a while and then they returned back to their desks.  About three minutes later my legislative assistant, who was one of the two I spoke of, brought my mail to me.  In it was a two page letter mailed from Waterloo, Iowa. 
The letter was made to look as though it was from my district in Vanderburgh County.  The interesting part was in the body of the letter where the sentence appeared posing the very question I spoke of.  Timing?
Two days ago, this past Friday morning, after observing the adults in the lives of school kids parading these kids outside the walls of those schools for demonstrations I felt compelled to write a question to Indiana’s Superintendent of Education.  Here is that question:
 “How is it permissible for school corporations, superintendents, principals, and teachers, to parade these students around outside of the school building, in concentrated formations, for protests and demonstrations when they should be in the classroom during school hours? I have heard reports of some unsavory individuals appearing in these crowds that might not have any direct connections to the school? Who bears responsibility should something tragic happen at one of these demonstrations?”
I even called an investigative reporter I’ve come to trust to pose this question to him.  I felt there would be a story on this behavior.  Little could I have imagined that on that very day a tragic accident would happen in Texas.
Foolishiness knows no boundaries.  Will this tragedy be the fault of some national firearm organization?  Should we demonstrate for the ban of Ford 150 pickup trucks? We have some school superintendents in some states requiring 5 gallon buckets of rocks be placed in closets of classrooms for teachers and students to throw at an active shooter.
Some are arming teachers with 16 inch long plastic bats and teaching them how to use them in such a crisis.
The injudicious and irresponsible manipulation by those in authority over the captive adolescence in this country’s learning institutions is reprehensible. This past week I myself accepted an invitation to a local high school to witness first hand such activity.  I was not disappointed in what I suspected it would be.
“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
― Niccolò MachiavelliThe Prince
I’m told Monday, April 23 the Evansville City Council will once again discuss the resolution to urge the Indiana General Assembly to adopt stronger gun laws.  The meeting I believe will start at 5 PM at the Civic Center downtown.
This coming Saturday will be the next 2nd Amendment Patriot meeting.  We are planning on Indiana State Senator Victoria Spartz to speak about her experience growing up in the Ukraine.  Given the current events it seems as though many in this country are hoping to make America such a country.
Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots


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