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There were some interesting observations at the NRA Convention in Indianapolis during the 4 days it was in town.  There were no reports of any of the 70,000 plus visitors and NRA members committing any drive by shootings, car jackings, armed robberies, assaults, setting fire to police cars, rapes, drug dealing or any other violent crimes.  It makes one wonder if there is any truth to the old adage that an armed society is a polite society.
There is no doubt that many of those visitors were carrying their guns with them when they mingled inside the Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium, and the many restaurants, stores and other points of interest at times sitting and standing next to folks who are always willing to point out how dangerous guns are.
It was a weekend of fun and fellowship with lawful citizens including family and friends enjoying the sport of firearms and many programs concerning the Second Amendment.
Some of those events also included prayer such as the Prayer Breakfast which always sells out well in advance.  I guess one may come to the conclusion that President Obama’s comments 6 years ago about some people cling to their guns and religion may have a ring of truth.
Though the entire 4 days were filled with visitors from all points of the country and a lot of activity with citizens and their enthusiasm for firearms and hunting some may consider the NRA Convention somewhat uneventful when compared to the IU.s annual Little 500 bicycle race that resulted in 187 people being arrested for alcohol related violations and the Purdue’s go kart Grand Pix in West Lafayette where 38 were arrested for the same activity which took place on the same weekend.
Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, editor and publisher of IndyPolitics, posted on his Facebook; “After checking in with IMPD the number of major incidents involving NRA members this weekend was none. Sorry to disappoint some of you.”
It was reported that the convention would bring in about 55 million dollars into the state, which will make its way into Indianapolis and the state general fund.  That revenue will be dispensed to schools, agencies, organizations and many programs throughout the state. In all probability all those on the receiving end, including some politicians, who detest guns and gun owners will find that 55 million dollars not so dirty as not to reach for it.
One last observation was the friendly hospitality provided by the employees in the restaurants, motels and law enforcement.  It was a nice event and perhaps an occasion when downtown Indianapolis was an extraordinary safe haven.
Jim and Margie

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