Indiana Gun Bills

There are several gun bills that have been filed this session; some good, some bad.  Things are looking fairly good for Indiana gun owners and it doesn’t look like any of the nonsense gun control regulations are moving.
I passed out of the Senate Tuesday my senate bill SB 119 on a 48 to one vote.  This bill will remove from our current Indiana 35 Code concerning firearms the term, “assault weapons.”
That term does not define any firearm and I fear that someday we could have a general assembly that may seize that inappropriate term to ban many semi auto firearms that have characteristics that the media and many lawmakers, both federal, state and local along with the general public to be something that they are not.
We have Title l and Title ll firearms along with Classes of types of firearms and other items and along with that there are age requirements concerning them.
In state and federal codes there are three “categories” where age is a component. Handguns 21 years old, long guns 18 years old and machineguns 21 years old. 
With the first two there are some variables, with the third it’s a standard 21 years of age.  This bill removes the potentially troublesome term assault weapon and replaces it with federal code concerning machineguns.  I’m not making any new laws nor am I changing any.  It merely removes a term that has no place in the world of firearms. 
The NRA Board of Directors elections is coming up.  For those of you eligible to vote you must have you ballots in by April 7th.  If you have no one in particular to vote for then I ask you to please vote for Indiana’s gun friendly former State Senator Johnny Nugent.  If you cast a vote only for Johnny that helps his chances of reelection.  Thank you.
Our 2nd Amendment Patriots meeting will be February 23. We will have David Coker give us a presentation and pictures of his trip to the Rock Island Armory.
Margie says bring your favorite chili for the meal.  Don’t forget soda pops and desserts.
Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots
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